How To: Setup Vanilla Forum

In this Tutorial, i’m going to show you, how to setup Vanilla Forum.

Vanilla Forum is one of the best looking free and opensource forum software.

First go to to download the forum software, then go to your download folder and unzip it.

Transfer the files to the server web directory with FTP, you can use the Filezilla FTP client for this. Download it here:

ftp transfer vanilla

Then go to and enter your database host most likely localhost, the database you have created for your forum, the database user you have created for your forum, and the password for that user.


Now you need to enter your mail in the admin email field, you also need to enter a application title (make up something), you also need to enter a admin username and a password for the admin user.


You have now successfully created a forum 🙂

To access the admin interface go to your main page, log in with your username and password, click the gear and click on dashboard.


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